Salvar Brix was a member of the Brotherhood of the Cloak in Mulmaster in 1491 DR.[1]


Salvar was a charismatic individual, and always learned what he needed to motivate others to do his will. He was warm and gracious to those who could help him and quick to dismiss those who could not. Salvar believed that money could buy anything, including loyalty. His main ambition was to unlock forbidden magic and lore lost to most mortals. He believed that Drayson had found some of that magic[1]


Salvar was of noble birth and joined the Cloak at an early age. His partner was Drayson Fivestars.

In 1491 DR, after a routine visit to a lost tower near the city, Drayson began acting strange and soon after was killed. Salvar decided to investigate the killers of his partner, but was ambushed by some thugs. Luckily an adventuring party saved him and he hired them to investigate for him.[1]




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