Samas Kul was the Zulkir of Transmutation since his predecessor's death in 1375 DR within the ranks of the Red wizards of Thay and ally of Szass Tam. He was also the master of Thay's Guild of Foreign Trade.[2]


Samas was tall and obese,[1] and wore tent-like begemmed, costly robes. He spoke with a plummy, unctuous voice.[3]


Cultivating an air of being cultured, the ambitious Samas was known for his particularly cutting sarcasm and cynical manner.[1]


Samas wore a ring of protection which bestowed upon him a protecitve aura invisible as air but strong as steel. He also had a wand of congealed quicksilver that could change an adversary into something harmless like a snail.[2]


Twin tiefling warlocks worked covertly for Samas Kul, Master of the Guild of Foreign Trade in Bezantur. The corpulent red wizard used the warlocks known as Tolyst and Finora to spy on and intimidate his trade rivals. Tolyst was easily recognized by his large fangs, wolfish grin, and orange eyes. Finora could be identified by her catlike tail and yellow cat's eyes.[citation needed]

Samas replaced Druxus Rhym in 1375 DR as zulkir following Rhym's assassination.[4] As Szass Tam tried to seize lone rulership of Thay by force, Samas allied with Dmitra Flass's council to stand against Szass's armies.[citation needed]


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