Sammereza "Sammer" Sulphontis was a factor[2] and a Masked Lord of Waterdeep.[1]


Sammer had brown skin and purple eyes.[1] He often dressed in extravagant silk robes.[1]


Sammer was sly and intelligent with a very sharp eye for detail.[1]


Sammer was involved with politics and family feuds back at his home in Calimshan. He frequently worked against the el Synabbat family's underhanded dealings in Skullport.[1]


Sammer was originally from Calimshan, but he moved to Waterdeep in the 1330s DR.[1] As a factor, he spent most of his life traveling far from Waterdeep, making trade deals and working intrigues to shore up rulers who were friendly to his trade. He was also the most infamous factor of Waterdeep, because he usually worked to ensure no tyrant would hamper the flow of trade or misuse their power to impoverish the people.[2]



Sammer's elder brother, Ahmahd el Sufontis, was a pasha in the Trades Ward of Calimport.[1] Sammer's sister-in-law (Ahmahd's widow) was married to the brother of Saida yr Oma yr Pesarkhal el Synabbat, Sammer's primary "enemy."[1]

Lords of WaterdeepEdit

Sammer was generally disliked by his fellow Lords of Waterdeep.[3]



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