Sammereza "Sammer" Sulphontis was a traveling merchant and a Masked Lord of Waterdeep.[1]


Sammer had brown skin and purple eyes.[1] He often dressed in extravagant silk robes.[1]


Sammer was sly and intelligent with a very sharp eye for detail.[1]


Sammer was involved with politics and family feuds back at his home in Calimshan. He frequently worked against the el Synabbat family's underhanded dealings in Skullport.[1]


Sammer was originally from Calimshan, but he moved to Waterdeep in the 1330s DR.[1]



Sammer's elder brother, Ahmahd el Sufontis, was a pasha in the Trades Ward of Calimport.[1] Sammer's sister-in-law (Ahmahd's widow) was married to the brother of Saida yr Oma yr Pesarkhal el Synabbat, Sammer's primary "enemy."[1]

Lords of WaterdeepEdit

Sammer was generally disliked by his fellow Lords of Waterdeep.[2]


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