Sand form was a spell unique to Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]


With this spell any recipient whom the caster touched, including the caster, was able to animate and control a body made of sand while their real body was up to 100 miles (161 km) away. The recipient could use most of their skills, including spellcasting, through the sand form without any negative effects. Only extremely intricate skills such as lockpicking, sewing, etc could not be used.[1]

While in sand form, the recipient's mind existed in both the sand form and their original body. They were completely aware of their surroundings in both forms. While in sand form the recipient could breath and move their eyes but was otherwise unable to move their original body.[1]

Attacks against the sand form did not harm the recipient's original body. A sand form immersed in water or heavy rainfall for more than a few minutes would begin to disintegrate. If the sand form was destroyed by any means, there was a chance that the recipient's original body died as well. However, the recipient could abandon the sand form at any time without experiencing any negative effects.[1]


This spell required a fistful of sand and a piece of hair or skin from the recipient to cast.[1]



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