Sand of sinking was a magical sand that turned other sand, earth, or stone into quicksand.[1]

This sand originated in Zakhara, the Land of Fate.[1]


When thrown upon any other type of sand, earth, and even stone, sand of sinking transformed the area into deadly quicksand. A handful of sand of sinking was capable of transforming a 9 ft. by 9 ft. (2.7 m by 2.7 m) square for 2-8 minutes. Additional handfuls did not increase the depth, but did increase the effected area. Anyone caught within this area began to sink instantly to a maximum depth of 10 feet. Anyone stuck within the area when the magic wore off was in for a nasty surprise since the effected area solidified into its original state.[1]

If used upon a wall, sand of sinking behaved similar to a passwall spell, creating a 10 foot deep opening. Openings created in this manner were permanent since the quicksand flowed downward away from the opening.[1]



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