Saradreza Oussmtor was a high priestess of Eilistraee as of the 1490s DR.[1]


In 1491 DR, during the Rage of Demons and after Eilistraee's return,[2][3] Saradreza led a group of Sword Dancers to join the battle for the liberation of Maerimydra and the banishment of the demon lord Graz'zt (who had taken interest in the Undying Temple, and planned to use it to defend himself from Vizeran DeVir's plan to put an end to the Rage of Demons). She saw this event as a chance to rally drow with no interest in remaining under the shackles of Lolth's tyranny, and spread Eilistraee's message.[1]

In Sporedome, Saradreza and her fellows joined in the planning of the assault on Maerimydra.[1]

The alliance would eventually succeed, banishing Graz'zt and freeing Maerimydra from its former occupants. After the victory Saradreza and the other followers of Eilistraee settled within the city alongside many of the representatives of the other factions that had taken part in the bettle. The dark dancers hoped to use the new position to heal the relationships between the drow of the Moonsea and the other races of the area.[4]


Saradreza was charismatic and warm hearted.[1]




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