Sargh'elgg, meaning "valor in slaying", was a fighting style taught among poor drow. It made use of their natural agility and was used in conjunction with light weapons.[1]


The style was very simple but required extensive training to become a master.[1]

It focused on striking with a light weapon, for example the rapier, and maximizing a drow's effectiveness with it.[1]


The style exploited the natural dexterity of a drow by learning to use a light weapon with finesse,[1] that is, not with muscle strength but with agility.[2]


"Valor in slaying" was a name given to bolster the confidence of the user, who otherwise had to make do with poor training.[1]

While drow society was famous for the intrigue and strife among its high society, the common majority's life was marked first and foremost by poverty, oppression, desperation,[3] and accompanying lack of education and training opportunities, making this style the only choice for most common and low-ranked guards and soldiers.[1]

Nevertheless, clerics of Kiaransalee, Lolth, and Vhaeraun also used this style because these deities all used light weapons as their favored weapon,[1] namely the dagger for both Kiaransalee[4] and Lolth[5] and the short sword for Vhaeraun.[6] Wizards and sorcerers of martial inclination also practiced the basics of the style.[1]



This style is based on the Improved Critical, Weapon Finesse, and Weapon Focus feats of 3rd-edition Dungeons & Dragons; the latter was generally given to drow warrior NPCs, such as in Monster Manual 3.5.


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