Sarhthor was a wizard and a member of the Zhentarim during the hunt for Shandril Shessair.


At first, Sarhthor appeared to be a member of the Zhentarim and one of the most favored assistants of Manshoon in the hunt for the spellfire of Shandril Shessair.[1]

However, when Shandril arrived in Zhentil Keep intent on destroying the Zhentarim for killing her friends, aided by Mirt and some Harper agents in disguise, it was revealed that Sarhthor was a Harper agent sent to infiltrate the Zhentarim a long time before. By then, however, nobody knew where Sarhthor's true loyalty lay. At first, he appears to want to use Shandril to dominate the Zhentarim. But at last, as Fzoul Chembryl threw a javelin at Shandril, Sarhthor protected her with his body. Before he died, he told Shandril how to use the Crown of Fire.[2]


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