Sark Toliver was an officer of the secret police called Hawks in Mulmaster.[1]


Sark Tolliver usually spoke with a customarily soft voice, even when threatening someone. He had seen horrific things for too many years and this was reflected in his eyes.[1]


Sark was an officer of the secret police of Mulmaster. Sark also was coerced into working for the Cult of the Eternal Flame in order to keep safe his half-brother, who was a fervent cultist. Usually, his role was to cover up the cultists' actions in the city and send information to the cult's leaders.


In 1491 DR, his cultist superiors ordered him to recover Ravia, a cultist who had accidentally razed the village of Elmwood. However, Toliver's plan was disturbed by an adventuring party hired by Zora Rosealine Culkin, the village's owner. In the end, he managed to transport Ravia to her fellow cultists, but soon after they arrived the adventurers defeated the cultists and their elemental allies. Afterwards, Sark arrived with a squad of Hawks to clean the site and secretly destroy any proof of his involvement.[1] Later Wylan Burral, high ranking earth cultist, directed to him the supporters of Selfaril Uoumdolphin and Sark agreed to support him as new High Blade, hoping to use this opportunity to broke his chains to the cultists[2]




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