Sarphil was one of the lost realms of the shield dwarves.


Sarphil encompassed most of the mountain ranges of the eastern Moonsea, but the realm had no clearly defined borders. Many of its abandoned caverns and mines, known to adventurers as the "Lost Ways", honeycombed the Dragonspine Mountains.


Sarphil was founded by Queen Nilythra Namarforge

Clashes with the elves of Cormanthyr eventually drove the dwarves north of the Moonsea, but not before the mining of the Scarp, for its rich copper deposits.

Sarphil's end came when a rare alliance of drow and duergar pursued the Sarphilan warriors ever northwards.


One of their feats of engineering was the creation of stone-crafted pumps that kept the waters of the Lis from flooding tunnels running below the river.

The sign of the realm was a crossed, double-ended pick and hammer above an anvil. It could be seen cut into the westernmost face of the Scarp, which faced across the bay from the city of Hillsfar.[1]


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