Sartani were monstrous creatures that were a combination of giant and crab.[1]


These creatures had the legs and torso of a giant humanoid, but their head and claws were those of a crab. A hard carapace shielded their chest, back, and shoulders, gradually blending into regular flesh. Their coloring ranged from dull red to greasy blue.[1]

Sartani never wore clothing.[1]


Once committed to battle, sartani came straight for their enemy. Because of this, they could be lured into fighting one target while ranged combatants struck them from their flanks.[1]

Their clawed hands were formidable weapons in combat. Any enemies clasped by one of their claws met a gruesome end.[1]

Sartani were immune to all water-based attacks and their hardened shells offered additional protection from fire. They were particularly vulnerable to cold.[1]


Sartani were rare. So much so that many bestiaries had no record of their existence. Their origins remained widely disputed.[1]

Sartani communicated with each other by clacking their mandibles together if they were above water. While under water they would make similar sounds with rocks or shells.[1]

These creatures were mostly sighted among the waters surrounding the isle of Jazayir al-Sartan. They were rumored to be servants of the crab god Kar'r'rga, but it was possible that they existed there before any knowledge of the crab god was known and the cult simply grew around their presence.[1]

Most intelligent sea creatures considered the sartani to be boorish, yet they got along quite well with the pahari.[1]


While in the sea, sartani were predators and scavengers. They would devour anything that they could catch or find. It was reported that they would even attack ships passing over their territory by breaking the hull and grabbing helpless sailors with their claws.[1]

Sartani molted their carapace on a yearly basis. The molt was left behind and was highly sought by natives of Jazayir al-Sartan. This material was incredibly strong yet easy to work into armor.[1]


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