Saryndalaghlothtor was a crystal dragon living in the Crags and Mirabar in the 1373 DR.[1]


In 1370 DR, Saryndalaglothtor chose for her new lair an old dwarven mine near Mirabar, inhabited by the House of the Axe dwarves.

During the Rage of Dragons of 1373 DR, like all of her fellow crystal dragons, Saryndalaglothtor retreated into the Elemental Plane of Air. However, soon after, the powerful red dragon Klauth arrived in the Mirabar area and the dwarves asked for her help. Saryndalaglothtor returned and fought Klauth, who was forced to retreat, but soon after she herself succumbed to the Rage and devastated the area.

After the Rage, in sorrow Saryndalaglothtor went to the Elemental Plane of Fire, determined to atone for her sins with a trial by fire. However, she was saved by an azer tribe sent by Moradin. Back at the House of the Axe, the dwarves welcomed her with joy and their relationship became stronger than before.

Later Saryndalaglothtor started acting as a messenger between her dwarves and several azer tribes hoping to forge a stable alliance.[1]


Saryndalaglothtor enjoyed physical fighting and was fearless.[1]


Sarynalaglothtor had a wonderful relationship with her dwarven neighbors and she considered them like her children. With them, she was at war with the Kreeth goblin tribe. Klauth promised his vengeance upon her.[1]


Saryndalaghlothtor enjoyed eating the gems and metals provided by her dwarf neighbors. She was interested in practicing magic but did not care for magical training.[1]



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