Satomi was a noble in the town of Aru in Wa.[1]


She hate Benju for took away her loved daughter. In time her love of the daughter twisted in a desire for control and domination.[1]


Satomi was known as Lady Lotus among servants because she loved that flower and always had tiny symbols that represented stylized lotus blossoms all over everything she wear.[1]


Satomi born in a samurai family. In time her family decided to marry Satomi's daughter to Benju Matsumoto, a idea she totally opposed but with no avail. Satomi went in Aru with her daughter and entered in the court of Benju. When Benju become daimyo as shogun's rules Satomi's daughter went to Uwaji. This desisted Satomi, that started hate Benju. In time she allied with Eichiro Tanaka, acting as his spy inside the Benju's court.[1]



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