Sayeed was a spellscared agent of Mephistopheles in Faerûn.[1]


Zeehad and Sayeed fought in The Twilight War in 1374 DR, where they were killed by Abelar Corrinthal's troops.

In 1484 DR, Sayeed and his brother Zeeahd went in search of the Abbey of the Rose in order to capture Vasen Cale. In 1484 DR Minser traveled to Dalelands, Cormyr and finally to the Abbey of the Rose before went back to.

They arrived in to the village of Fairelm where discovered that the local peddler Minser had just visited the Abbey. So Sayeed and Zeeahd unlashed their pack of spined devils to slaughter all inhabitants minus Minser and Elle, how had spoken against them, in order to force Minser to show them the right way.

So Sayeed and Zeeahd invaded the Abbey. Sayeed dueled with the just-arrived Vasen Cale and was defeated but thank to his powers survived.

Later he tried to save the bone devil that once was Zeeahd from Rivalen Tanthul. Intrigued Rivalen spoke to Sayeed and offered to him to serve Shar. Sayeed agreed and his first duty for Shar he killed the Zeeahd-bone devil.

Later in the Shadowstorm Rivalen used Sayeed as a vessel by which to translate the divine language of The Leaves of One Night. Slowly Shar consumed Sayeed, that so finally died.[1]


Sayeed's spellscar altered his body so that he did not need to drink, eat, or sleep. He feel nothing. He resembled an automaton more than a man.[1]



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