Scardale was one of the regions that made up the Dalelands. It had longed survived where other dales had fallen, such as Teshendale, despite wars, occupation by enemy states, and a horrible plague.


After inheriting the throne, Lord Lashan Aumersair set about building Scardale's power and wealth, intending to conquer all the southern Dalelands. In 1356 DR, he conquered Harrowdale, Featherdale, and, for a time, Battledale. He then moved against Mistledale and its ally Shadowdale, but was defeated by a hasty alliance formed against him. After Lashan's fall, Scardale was occupied by an uneasy coalition of troops from Cormyr, Sembia, the other Dalelands, and even Zhentil Keep.

By 1370 DR, Sembia felt ready to assert its power within the alliance, with the Cormyrian and other Dalelands forces having already left and Hillsfar's troops bribed, and no one would protest overly much if the Sembians drove the Zhents from the dale. Before the Sembians could act, Scardale suffered another disaster, the Shaking Plague. The Sembian garrison suffered significant losses.


What was left of Scardale Town was a lawless area fought over by gangs, foreign agents, cultists, and religious leaders. The other Dalelands talked about establishing a new interim government to control Scardale Town, but Governor Khelvos and the Scardale Council were opposed to the continuation of occupation, regardless of its guise.


The ScarEdit

According to legend, this gorge that defined Scardale originated as an errant blow from the sword of Corellon Larethian as he battled the orc god Gruumsh. The wound in the land was still deep but had healed well over time, and the River Ashaba river ran swiftly through the Scar on its final leg to the sea with the Feather Falls marking the gorge's west end. Scardale Town lay at the east end, where the Ashaba emptied into the Sea of Fallen Stars.

Other Locations Edit




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