Scatterspray was an alteration spell in general use throughout the Realms.[2]


This spell caused a small group of items to fly about in random directions within the radius of the spell effect. The objects had to be free to move — coins in an open purse would work, but gems in a closed jewelry box would not — and could be up to the size of chicken eggs. Between a half-dozen and a dozen or so objects could be launched by scatterspray and would reach the radius of effect and then bounce around for the duration of the spell. Damage to creatures inside the area of effect was determined by their size and the nature of the projectiles. Small creatures took more damage, large creatures took little to none, but glass shards might be more dangerous than sling bullets. The caster of the spell was not harmed by being within the area of effect, and magical protections like shield or protection from normal missiles also prevented damage, but spell casting was very difficult while being pelted by shrapnel.[5][3]

The newer version of this spell just caused a single explosion of objects without ricochet. A half dozen or more objects whose combined weight could not be greater than 25 lbs (11-12 kg) could be launched.[1]


Verbal, somatic, and material components were necessary to cast the spell, including the objects themselves and a flint and steel or tinderbox.[5][3]

The newer version only required verbal and somatic components, which included pointing at the cluster of objects to be scattered.[1]



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