The School of the Shadow Weave was a magic school in Sshamath.


The city was unique among drow cities in that it wasn't ruled by a clergy but by mages. Vhaeraun was primarily prayed to in his role as the drow patron of shadow magic and spellfilchers. Religion and divine magic weren't viewed highly in the city and the same applied to that faith, too.[2]

The church of Vhaeraun, then, chose to use the School of the Shadow Weave as their front to gain power in the city.[3] Under Nurissa Vyllshan,[1] they taught magic that drew from the Shadow Weave instead of the Weave and tried to get accepted as a full College and with it as a member of the city's ruling body.[3] They also had followers of Shar among them.[1]

However, they had problems getting admission, owing to being connected to not one, but two religions.[3][1] In particular, the School of Illusion and Phantasm, headed by Felyndiira T'orgh, was against it.[4] The Sharrans in the group, though, made an open show of their faith and this triggered a discussion about giving them the position to put them under surveillance inside the Ruling Conclave.[1] However, they didn't get accepted.[3]


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