A scourge of fangs, also known as a whip of fangs or a viper whip,[2] was a snake-headed whip used by many drow clerics of Lolth.


A scourge of fangs usually had an adamantine handle and a number of serpentine constructs (snake heads) as lashes. The snake heads often writhed and hissed in response to the bearer's emotions.[3] The snake heads could be controlled by the will of the bearer, but had their own independent "personalities." Some bearers named each snake head.[2]

The number of snake heads on the scourge indicated the level of power of the priestess.[4] If a snake head was destroyed, it would fall off the whip. The rest of the heads continued to function normally.[3]


Each snake head was venomous and its bite caused severe pain.[3]

Notable ownersEdit

Scourge of Quenthel[5]
Quenthel Baenre bore a five-headed whip with five-foot-long black-and-red-banded vipers.[6][7] She named each snake head: Hsiv, Yngoth, K'Sothra, Zinda, and Qorra. She would often have conversations with the heads on the whip.[2][8][9]


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