Describe by the Bloodsailor pirate Jalek in Neverwinter Nights as "The Meanest... Foulest... Black Bile on the Earth... A Bottle of Scurrd" this is the last of a series of drinks used in a drinking contest against the half-orc pirate passes out after this one bottle!

In the Seedy Tavern on the second floor a half naked dwarf called Ulfnog is in a hot room and answers when asked "What is in Scurrd?"

  • If i don't want to drink it what makes you thin I'll sully my mouth discussing it? Scurrd is Scurrd. that's all that should need to be said.

Scurrd may be a mixture of different drinks some may be dwarfish. [1]

Jalek comments on Scurrd in the following sentence if asked what is in Scurrd: "What is in Scurrd? What, indeed. Scurrd... just seems to find its way... to where it can do the most harm. It's truly vicious. It cannot be smelled by the elderly... it cannot be held by small children... It is Scurrd, and woe be to ye that take it to your tongue."


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