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The Sea Sprite was a large pirate hunting ship that was under the command of Captain Deudermont. The ship was commissioned by the Lords of Waterdeep, who recognised Deudermont's talents as a capable sailor and pirate hunter. Second in command on the Sea Sprite was Robillard, a capable wizard, albeit eternally grumpy, and friend to Deudermont.

Deudermont once owned another vessel, the first Sea Sprite, which was a relatively small ship dedicated to carrying travelers across the Sea of Swords. After it's famed sea battle with Pinochet's fleet, Deudermont was awarded the second Sea Sprite, a large, beautiful privateer designed by Waterdeep's finest engineers and wizards to meet the latest pirate-hunting capabilities.

In the decades prior to the spellplague, the Sea Sprite became famous along the Sword Coast, where pirate activity was kept firmly at bay by the efforts of the ship's crew. Notable crew members have been Drizzt Do'Urden, who played an active part in combat with pirates, and Cattie-brie, the Princess of Clan Battlehammer.

The Sea Sprite's final resting place was Luskan harbor where, as of 1480 DR it lay as a rotting hulk.[1]


In The Pirate King, Sea Sprite was sunk in Luskan harbor during the huge battle between the wizard Robilliard, second in command of Sea Sprite, and the lich Arklem Greeth who lured the wizard to the spot with his undead minions.


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