A Sea Mother Whip is a special prestige class of the kuo-toa. Those who pick this class seek a closer communion with their goddess, Blibdoolpoolp. In return for the dedication and desire to be close with her goddess, a Sea Mother Whip is given abilities to aid her in the goals that she has been given to her by her church.

The chief duty of a Sea Mother Whip is to strength Blibdoolpoolp's hold over the Sea Mother Whip's community, as well as prevent heretics and outside forces from affecting the goddess's monopoly on spiritual matters.

Abilities Edit

Punish the Infidels
A Sea Mother Whip can call upon her faith to curse her enemies with an overwhelming feeling of dread.
Inspire the Faithful
A Sea Mother Whip can call upon her faith to encourage and strengthen the resolve of her allies.

References Edit

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