The Sea of Salt was a large salt basin found on the periphery of the Burning Lands just north of the Great Anvil in Zakhara.[1][2][3]


The Sea of Salt was found just east of the Genies' Garden, separated by a thin stretch of mountain. It lay to the north of the ruins of Al-Anwahr.[1][2][3]


The salt basin was all that remained of an inland sea that evaporated long ago. Much of the basin was traversable, but many deep ravines were hidden beneath the fine salt, making any passage through this region a potentially perilous event.[1]

Anyone traveling through the Sea of Salt during the day was practically blinded by the reflection of the sun off of the pristine white salt covering the ground. They also had to deal with burning eyes, throat, and lungs courtesy of frequent gusts of wind stirring the salt.[1]


Predators were known to lurk along the edge of the Sea of Salt, preying on those still blinded from their travels. The constant exposure to the salty air also greatly hampered the sense of smell, making it easy for the predators to surprise their prey.[1]



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