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Sebek (pronounced seh-beck [1]) is a jealous, vain, and evil member of the Mulhorandi pantheon. Know as Sebethant in Thay and by the name Sebakar in Unther, he delights in devouring humans.[2]


Prior to the Time of Troubles, the largest sect of Sebek's worshipers were expelled from Mulhorand by the Brotherhood of Those Who Smile in the Face of Death. They have since resettled in Chessenta.[2]


Sebek is an outcast in the eyes of the rest of the Mulhorandi pantheon, though he has been known to occasionally ally with Set.[2]

Sebek often conflicts with Malar, who dislikes the Mulhorandi deity for possessing a portion of his portfolio of lycanthropes.[3]


Mulhorandi pantheon II

Thoth, Nephthys, Osiris, Set, Sebek.[4]

Sebek usually appears in one of two forms. The first, known as the Lord of Crocodiles, is that of a Mulan man possessing the head of a crocodile. This form typically wears a horned and plumed headdress. The second form, known as the Smiling Death, is that of a giant crocodile.[2]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Sebek can summon and control crocodiles at will, and has been known to swallow boats and living creatures whole.[5]

Other manifestationsEdit

Sebek rarely manifests in the material world.[5]

Smile of the crocodile 
The appearance of a giant crocodile's smile can indicate both favor and disfavor.[5]

Church of SebekEdit

Priest of Sebek

Priest of Sebek.[6]

All clergy of the church of Sebek are werecrocodiles, usually of Mulan descent.[5]

Priests of Sebek spend much of their time planning methods of seizing power in their surrounding regions.[5]

The city of Sekras housed a temple that served as the center of the church of Sebek, known as the River's Maw. Upon the city's destruction, the clergy relocated to the Adder Swamp of Chessenta. No temples dedicated to the Smiling Death are known to currently exist.[5]


Worship of Sebek is rare, though he is often well respected in communities near large populations of crocodiles.[5]

Priests of Sebek wear linen skirts and collars, and shave their heads. They favor no ornamentation in crocodile form.[5]

When preparing for combat, the clergy of Sebek favors light armor and simple weapons.[5]

Clerics of Sebek pray for spells at dusk.[1]

Affiliated ordersEdit

All werecrocodiles follow Sebek, though no organizations are known to be sponsored by the church.[5]

Celebrations and festivalsEdit

Monthly offerings of meat are dedicated to Sebek in order to ward off crocodile attacks.[5]

Priests of Sebek must kill a sentient creature monthly, as well as create at least one new werecrocodile from among the humans living in Mulhorand each year.[5]

Notes Edit

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The Mulhorandi Pantheon

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