Secret of the Silver Blades is the third title in the four-game Forgotten Realms series of computer role-playing games developed and published by Strategic Simulations, Inc. It is the sequel to Curse of the Azure Bonds.


The party is magically summoned to the mining town of New Verdigris, located in a valley deep in the Dragonspine Mountains, in hopes that they will save the town from the overwhelming evil that threatens it.

New Verdigris is located on the ruins of a much older city that was suddenly covered by a glacier three hundred years ago. However, the glacier is now receding, which led to the town being reestablished and the resumption of mining operations. While New Verdigris initially prospered, three months ago, a new mineshaft was opened and monsters began pouring through from an unknown source. Previous efforts to stop the monsters have failed and they have made it to the ruins and are threatening to invade the town. The party is the town's last hope of finding the source of the evil and clearing the scourge.


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