Sedos Sebile was an officer in the Neverwinter Militia in 1372 DR.[1]


Sedos had light skin and brown hair, and dressed in a green shirt underneath spiked leather armor.[1]


Sedos was trusted by Nasher Alagondar, Lord of Neverwinter.[1]


During the outbreak of the Wailing Death in 1372 DR, Sedos was put in charge of militia operations in the Peninsula District of Neverwinter. The district was plagued with escaped criminals from Neverwinter Prison, having been freed by the Head Gaoler, Alaefin. When the Hero of Neverwinter came to investigate the plague, Sedos informed them of the situation, and directed them to find a way to enter the prison and deal with Alaefin.[1]


Cut contentEdit

Sedos was originally intended to play a larger role in Neverwinter Nights. In the original design document, she was Aarin Gend's lover, and betrayed the city of Neverwinter when Gend was captured.[2]



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