Segojan Earthcaller was the neutral good gnome deity of earth and nature. Unlike his ally Baervan Wildwanderer, who was a god of the plants and forests of the surface world, Segojan's area of concern was the deep earth and the life within it. Segojan was also seen as the gnomish god of the dead, for the forgotten folk interred their fallen kin into his domain. His holy symbol was a glowing gemstone; usually this was a finely cut gem of any type in which illusion spells had been cast to provide magical light. This could be any gem, but Segojan is associated strongly with diamonds. His sacred animal was the badger.[citation needed]


The highly organized Church of Segojan was prominent within most rock gnome communities. In conjunction with the Church of Baervan Wildwanderer, they worked to protect and preserve the natural world, especially below the surface. With the Church of Flandal Steelskin they oversaw the safety of mining operations, and with the Church of Callarduran Smoothhands they sought to forge ties between settlements of deep gnomes in the Underdark and rock gnomes on the surface.[2]


Segojan was closely allied with all of the Lords of the Golden Hills, with the exception of Urdlen. Aside from gnomish gods, Segojan was most closely allied with other deities of earth and nature, and to a certain extent, death.[2]

His central foe was Urdlen, for his domain was most threatened by the Crawler Below. His other enemies were Cyric and Abbathor.[2]


Segojan was one of the oldest of the Lords of the Golden Hills, and he once oversaw many aspects of gnomish life that are now the preserve of other deities, such as nature in general (which is now divided with Baervan Wildwanderer), mining (which has passed to Flandal Steelskin), jewelry-making (which has passed to Garl Glittergold), and magic (which has passed to Baravar Cloakshadow). It was also said that in ancient times, it was Segojan who gifted rock gnomes with their ability to speak to burrowing animals.[citation needed]


"The earth is the heart and soul of the Forgotten Folk. From its nurturing embrace spring forth the children of Garl, on its surface and amid its tunnels and caves they dwell in life and beneath its silken shroud they rest in death. Preserve and protect the natural world that lies beneath the roots of those who dwell on the surface. Dig burrows, tunnel and explore, for the Badger welcomes all gnomes into his domain. Ware the evil that ensnares those blinded by the avarice and destructive impulses of the Crawler Below and the Lord of the Burrow shall protect those who dwell in his demesne and live in harmony with his teachings."


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