Seila Norwood was a young noblewoman of House Norwood in Ravens Bluff. She was the quintessential damsel in distress and was best known for her romantic attachment to Jack Ravenwild.


Seila was pretty and had green eyes.[1]


Seila was romantically attracted to Jack although she didn't quite trust him due to his lies about his noble background.


In 1479 DR, Seila was traveling with a caravan near Ravens Bluff. The convoy was attacked by a gang led by the infamous slaver Fetterfists and the survivors were sold into slavery to the drow who lived in the Underdark beneath Ravens Bluff.

Seila was forced to work as a scullery maid in the kitchens of the drow castle. During her enslavement, she met a fellow slave named Jack Ravenwild who rescued her and returned her to her father, Lord Norwood.[2]


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