The Seminarcane was a six-building complex in Keltar dedicated to magical education.[1]


The outer walls were composed of simple brickwork, but the interiors of most of the buildings were decorated by elaborate mosaics.[1]


Three of the six buildings were the following:

This was the business headquarters of the Guild Arcane in Keltar.[1]
shrine to Azuth 
Only Guild Arcane members or students of the school were permitted to use this shrine, which was said to contain magical kneeling-stone mosaics to increase one's ability to communicate with the Lord of Spells.[1]
students' dormitory 
This was the only building on campus not decorated with mosaics internally, to minimize distractions for the learners.[1]


The Seminarcane was built during the Seventh Age of Calimshan.[[Seventh Age of Calimshan


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