Semorav, formally known as Semorav of the Cobra's Hood, was a necromancer and an agent of the Coiled Cabal in the Cathedral of Emerald Scales in Hlondeth as of the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1]


Semorav was a bipedal yuan-ti pureblood but had very distinctive snake-like features. The scaled skin on either side of his head could be flared out like a cobra's hood.[1]


Semorav was very reclusive and stayed in his tower just to the north of the dome of the Cathedral in the midst of the jungle "gardens". On the rare occasions he did venture out, he masqueraded as the personal scribe of the high priestess Medusanna Mhairdaul who was the only person that knew he was a powerful necromancer.[1]


Map showing the location of Semorav's Tower


In addition to being an accomplished necromancer, Semorav was the recipient of a boon from Sseth. By flaring his hood he could cast snake charm, an entry-level cleric spell, at will.[1]


The tower on the grounds of the Cathedral of Emerald Scales was named Semorav's Tower[2] but it was unclear if it was truly his or he was just allowed to use it as a dwelling and laboratory.


Semorav spent the vast majority of his time conducting unholy necromantic experiments in his tower. When he was through with his test subjects, he dumped them, dead or alive, into the city sewer system.[1]


He was the only member of the Coiled Cabal living in the Cathedral of Emerald Scales. His secret experiments were known only to the leader of the Council of Elder Serpents, Medusanna Mhairdaul.[1]


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