Sendever's Stables was a stables located in the city of Wheloon in Cormyr. Its proprietor was Illumor Sendever.[1][2][3]

Location & DescriptionEdit

Sendever's Stables lay on the eastern side of Wheloon Way. It consisted of a sizeable set of paddocks and stables. The sign by the gate read "Horses Bought, Sold, Doctored, and Boarded".[2][1]


To keep away horse-thieves, hired guards patrolled the stables and paddocks. They were armed with hand crossbows loaded with darts treated with a sleep-inducing poison.[1]


Sendever's Stables was in business by 1358 DR.[2] It was still in business through 1369 DR,[1] and in 1374 DR.[3]


Here, the staff bought, sold, and boarded horses in their stables. They could also provide training for horses.[1][3] Their primary specialty, however, was in veterinary care for horses, mules, and donkeys. The staff could quickly and accurately diagnose a sickness or injury in an animal, and provide proper care for them. They could easily tell if a lame animal had been drugged to hide its condition.[1] Horses in their care were kept in good health, fed well, and exercised appropriately. If they were not, then the owner would be granted a new and better horse in replacement. Sendever's Stables never sold a sick or lame horse.[1][3]

For these services, Sendever's Stables was known for its reliability. The business was large and efficient. Though it had high costs, it did good and frequent business.[1]

Sometimes, Sendever's Stables received and sold exotic mounts, such as a pegasus. Such beasts were usually sold at auction, rather than to regular customers.[3]


Sendever's Stables was staffed by Illumor Sendever and more than a dozen expert employees, consisting of hostlers, trainers, and those who conducted horse husbandry.[1]


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