The Seng were a human ethnicity of Laothan in Malatra.[2] The Laothan tribe was a dominant Seng tribe.[1][note 1]


The Seng spoke the Laothan language. When the Laothan tribes came into contact with neighboring civilizations, they borrowed words and phrases for concepts and things they as yet had no words for. Most of these came from the T'u Lung language, but as the Laothan pronunciation deviated significantly from the form, it was almost impossible for T'u Lung speakers to recognize them.[1]



  1. Ronin Challenge page 87 refers to "the Laothan tribe", but Kara-Tur: The Eastern Realms discusses the Seng as a number of tribes forcefully united in the kingdom of Laothan. For ease, they are assumed to be the same people. Taken together, it appears that the Laothan tribe was a dominant early Seng tribe.


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