The Sentinelspire was a mountain in the Great Amber Steppes of the Hordelands.[1]

Description Edit

Located east of the Khopet-Dag, the Sentinelspire was a lone volcanic mountain in the Hordelands.[1]

The mountain got its name from its cone, which could be seen many miles away, and was used a navigational aid by the nomadic tribes of the steppe.[1]

The nomads of the area believed the mountain was cursed, and that anyone who went near it would die in strange ways. Thus they avoided the mountain, as it had no resources of value to make going there worth it.[1]

Places of Note Edit

Hidden inside a canyon in the Sentinelspire was the Fortress of the Old Man, a secret citadel made by a follower of Bhaal, and home to a guild of assassins.[1]

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