Serpent lords were reptiles that lived in the hills and ancient ruins of Zakhara.[1]


These creatures resembled giant white cobras with human faces that smiled frequently.[1]


These creatures were healers and scholars and reluctant to enter combat. Four giant constrictor snakes were around them at all times, and usually more giant venomous snakes and spitting cobras attended them as well. All of these snakes would fight to the death to defend their king or queen.[1]

Serpent lords could turn undead and cast a wide range of clerical spells. They were also highly resistant to magic.[1]

When magic failed, a serpent lord could constrict up to eight man-sized creatures at once, crushing them with its massive body.[1]


Serpent lords lived in large caves secluded in the wild.[1]

These creatures served as the lords of all snakes within twenty miles (32 km) of their lair. A wide array of snakes served as their defenders during times of crisis.[1]

Serpent lords preferred eating cooked meat, and anyone bringing cooked offerings to them was looked upon favorably.[1]

Many sought them out because of their healing powers. Gifts and treasure were often given as charity for a serpent lord’s healing magic, accumulating over the years into an impressive hoard of treasure. Worthy visitors could be given a quest and rewarded with a powerful magical item if they succeeded.[1]


These creatures championed snakes in the wild. Nearly all of their time was devoted to practicing their healing arts.[1]

Powerful potions and poisons could be made from the brain of a serpent lord. The left half of the brain could be used for elixirs of life and potions of longevity, and the right half for poisons.[1]



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