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Sespechian was a language spoken by the inhabitants of Sespech and the Shining Plains.[1]


Sespechian was spoken from Nathlekh in the north to Nagarr in the south and from the Snowflake Mountains in the west to Elbulder in the east.[1]

While not spoken over a large region, the language was subdivided into a variety of dialects, including Hlondethan creole, Middle (or Proper) Sespechian, Plains Sespechian, and Western (or "Lizard") creole. Hlondethan creole was a mixture of Proper Sespechian with the language of the yuan-ti of Hlondeth, Western creole was mixed with the tongue of the lizardfolk of Surkh, and Plains Sespechian was strongly influenced by the wemics of the Shining Plains. All of these dialects were distinct enough to make intercommunication difficult, because of both accent and vocabulary.[2]


Sespechian was an Akalaic language in the Chessan languages group, just like Shaaran and Tashalan.[2]



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