Sesszemur's was a restaurant (known locally as a luthdren) located in Khôltar, south Faerûn circa the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR.[1][2]


This luthdren was located on the southwest side of Hael Way just west of Harth Trithketh's House of Welcome and the southern gate of Khôltar (known as Farrgaunlar). Further to the west, across an alley, was Halamor's Sure Service and Thalarmol's. Across Hael Way was the seat of the Horthander clan, a klathlaaedin (carved stone mansion) they called Anthormbrur.[1][2]


The first two floors of Sesszemur's were large dining halls with open floor plans arranged so dozens of customers shared huge tables in a relaxed atmosphere. The third floor had a lower ceiling, smaller tables spaced farther apart, and curtained booths for even more privacy. Gambling tables and gaming rooms were also on the third floor. Sesszemur had a private elevator that took him between the third floor and the kitchens.[1][2]


This luthdren served a wide variety of dishes that Sesszemur tasted and adjusted to his liking. He was known for serving fruit jellies made with exotic imported ingredients, and for creating impressively huge sculptured roasts. Crowd favorites were edible dragon heads that were sculpted out of various meats and vegetables, sometimes with additional props for effect. These life-sized sculptures were borne around the room on wagon-sized silver platters by many strong servers until they were set down on the tables and carved up for the guests. Occasionally, Sesszemur would have his best-looking servers dress in thematic costumes and ride along with the food until it reached its destination, then hop off and begin distributing the meal.[1][2]


Sesszemur, a halfling, considered himself a gourmand and supervised the kitchens whenever he wasn't gambling.[1][2]



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