The Seven Sails Inn, also known as Safesails, was the only inn in Luskan as of 1370 DR with a strong Arcane Brotherhood presence.[1]


The inn stood on the south side of Setting Sun Street east of the Needle, the local water tower.[1]


The Seven Sails was constructed of huge timbers resembled a giant shark's fin, and each window had boxes which contained flowers during the summer months. There were numerous stairways, some secluded, making it easy for guest to be discreet.[1]


Inside, the inn boasted fine furnishings and a quiet, luxurious atmosphere, offering hot baths and runners for delivering messages.[2]


The establishment served generous portions of food such as octopus, salmon or squid when in season, and the traditional Luskan brassla, and had an excellent wine list. Food was usually served in guest rooms rather than a communal dining area.[2]

Rumors and legendsEdit

A legend told that a large hoard of gems belonging to a pirate named Shargul was hidden in the walls of the inn guarded by skeletal hands. Occasionally dusty human skeletons tumbled out of closets in the inn. It was also rumoured that a gold dragon made the inn its home taking human form to avoid detection.[3]


As of 1370 DR, six members of the Arcane Brotherhood were on the inn's staff.[1]


  • A bed, bath, food, and drink for 20 gp per night[2]


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