The Ito family, more colloquially known as Seven Swords clan, was a noble family in Maeshi Province in Kozakura until 647 DR.[1]


The ito family started with Ito no Juro that around 24 DR led a wing of army of prince Miki in Maeshi battling the local Korobokuru. Around 31 DR to Juro's brother Ito no Saburo Takanori was granted governorship of Maeshi and Kanahanto by the prince. Miki died in the great korobukuru counteroffensive led by Inoyep in 32 DR and Takanori was sieged in his fort but at last broke the siege by offering his daughter to the local korobokuru chieftain, Akarweop. In 34 DR thank to Takanori's daughter manipulation Akarweop and other chieftains were captured and put to death by Emperor Itonin. Around 207 DR lord Ito Kajo divided his inheritance — Maeshi and Kanahanto — between his sons Ito Manju and Ito Kunitake but in 211 DR Manju killed Kunitake but the emperor and his vassals denounced him that loses all his titles and inheritances and was sequently slain by Ito Tokiharu, son of Kunitake. After Tokiharu was granted governorship of only Maeshi. Around 312 DR lord Ito Moriyasu refused to drive out of Maeshi the korobokuru like all others lords. They gifted him with the Seven Swords. The family mon (seal) was officially changed to that of seven joined swords. Around 546 DR Nambu family, a branch of the Ito family split from the main branch. For next 17 years they feuded about possessions of the Seven Swords. Finally around 563 DR the Nambu won the swords and the control of Maeshi, the Ito were exiled. However in 581 DR the Nambu sided with the losing part in the Zakura Insurrection and the Ito regained all. Its misfortunes started when in 639 DR the lordship of Ito went to Ito Saburo, a greedy man secretly manipulated by a demon spirit, the krakentua. In order to destroy his Nambu enemies, that at founded in Maeshi in 644 DR the Sun Temple, Saburo agreed to sacrifice one of the Seven Swords to the Krakentua in 646 DR.

However, in 647 DR, despite the extinction of the Nambu clan, the sohei of the Sun Temple burned the castle to the ground on the Night of Burning Flowers and all the Ito family and their retainers were slain.[1]


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