Shaan the Serpent Queen was a nefarious archmage.


Shaan was a mysterious wizard woman with scales who once ruled a snake cult in Tashalar. She had fought many times with Elminster Aumar.[1]

Once, around 1340 DR, the Company of Crazed Venturers fought Shaan on a small isle of the Sword Coast.[1]

At last, in an inter-dimensional place where Elminster sometimes met people from other planes, Shaan appeared trying to seduce the archmage Dalamar the Black from Krynn, but Elminster, with the help of the archmage Mordenkainen from Oerth, who also had had an encounter with Shaan, used Ed Greenwood to imprison her in the Floating Helm of Tharados (a unique ancient Netherese magic item).[1]

Shaan resurfaced around 1487 DR and competed with other archmages for the possession of the Lost Spell during a spellstorm. Shaan was ultimately killed by the combined effort of both Malchor Harpell and Manshoon.[2]


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