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Shaarans are a nomadic human ethnic group living in Southern Faerûn, primarily in the Shaar region, although some live in Halruaa, Dambrath, Unther or Mulhorand. Shaaran society is built around extended family units known as clans. Several clans form a tribe which is governed by a chieftain and a council of wise elders. Because the Shaar region acts as a crossroad in southern Faerûn, the Shaarans have learned to get along reasonably well with other cultures.[1]


Shaarans have roamed the grasslands of southern Faerûn for as long as anyone can remember. The Shoon Empire attempted to subjugate the Shaaran but the tribes rebelled in the fifth century DR and have remained independent ever since.[1]


Most Shaarans worship gods of nature or the hunt. Many follow Tempus or Malar although a few worship Akadi.[2]


Shaarans speak their own language, which has no known connection to any other language in Faerûn. Few Shaarans can read or write, but those who do use the Dethek alphabet learned from the Dwarves of the Great Rift.[2]




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