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The Shade Hunter is a prestige class of Faerûn. Shade Hunters are opportunistic treasure hunters and adventurers who specialize in the procurement of Netherese artifacts. This is only a portion of the Shade Hunter's focus. Shade Hunters are addicted to the thrill of danger from the lethal traps and creatures that reside in Netherese ruins, providing them with an added impetus to continue their careers and bring ancient magics to the powerful mages that inhabit Faerûn. [1]

Abilities Edit

Tricks of the Trade
A Shade Hunter calls upon his previous experiences to enhance his chances to survive traps, monsters, or improve his abilities to pick locks and disable traps.[1]
Sense/Locate Ancient Magic
A Shade Hunter can innately sense Netherese magic that has been sitting in one place for at least one hundred years. As the Shade Hunter becomes more experienced, this sense strengthens to allow the Shade Hunter to follow his instinct and actually find the artifact.[2]
Tools of the Trade
A Shade Hunter carries odd items and objects that are stored randomly upon his person. These may include dungeon aids and tools to improve the Shade Hunter's ability to survive.[2]

Notes Edit

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