The shadevari were horrifying creatures from the ancient history of Abeir-Toril.[1] They were known as the thirteen Lords of Shadow.[2]


The shadevari first appeared some time after the creation of Realmspace by Ao, when there was naught but the primordial essence, in a state of chaos, shadow, and timeless nothingness. It is unknown to all whether the shadevari came from someplace else or were spawned by the shadow itself. Nevertheless, they moved in this void before even the goddesses Shar and Selûne coalesced.[2]

Later, after the creation of the worlds and the war between the goddesses, the shadevari gave aid to Shar, helping her regain her might. Desiring the dark over the blinding light, the shadevari stalked the nascent Realms and sought to meld dark and light into the shadowy chaos it had once been.[2]

In time, the god Azuth, the High One, god of mages and consort to Mystra, realized a means of trapping the shadevari. He created an illusion of a realm of shadows over a pocket-sized crystal sphere outside Toril, and the shadevari inevitably came inside to investigate. Azuth then imprisoned the unwitting shadevari inside with the Shadowstar, a key of shadows forged by Gond, which he then hurled into the depths of the cosmos. This life flourish on the worlds, and thwarted Shar's scheme to reshape them to her own desires.[2]

In the Year of the Wave, 1364 DR, Caledan Caldorien, a Harper, was corrupted by the evil power of the shadow-stone and began to transform into the Shadowking. Caledan released three shadevari servants. His former adventuring companions destroyed the creatures, saved Caledan, and prevent the Shadowking's return.[3][1]



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