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Cover of Shadow's Witness (reissue).
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Shadow's Witness
Basic Information
Author(s) Paul S. Kemp
Publisher Wizards of the Coast
Cover Artist Terese Nielsen (original) / Raymond Swanland (reissue)
Interior Artist Terese Nielsen and Dennis Kauth
Type Novel
Realm year(s) 1371 DR[1]
MMP (2000) edition
Binding Mass Market Paperback
Released November 2000
Pages 312
ISBN 10 0-7869-1677-X
MMP (2007) edition
Binding Mass Market Paperback
Released April 2007
Pages 320
ISBN 10 0-7869-4259-2
Series Sembia: Gateway to
the Realms
Preceded by The Halls of Stormweather
Followed by The Shattered Mask

Source: product listing

Shadow's Witness by Paul S. Kemp is the second book of the Sembia: Gateway to the Realms series.

Erevis Cale, loyal servant to the Uskevren family, can't keep his secret any longer.

From the nobles in their towers to the gangs in the streets, in the city of Selgaunt power belongs to the bold and no one's position is certain. When a thieves' guild attempts to eradicate a rival organization, something unspeakable breaks free—and it's hungry.

With Selgaunt in chaos, Erevis Cale must return to the shadowy life he left behind, to protect the family that has made him one of their own from the horrors of the Abyss.

Enter the greatest fantasy setting of our generation—enter the Realms.


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