Shadow beasts were a class of outsider native to the Plane of Shadow.[2][3] They included the four-armed, cat-like ghirrash; the ferocious crocodilian khumat; and the powerful elephantine thaskor.[1]


They were often termed "fiends", but this was false, as they did not hail from the Lower Planes. Nevertheless, they could be just as evil.[2]



A ghirrash, another of the shadow beasts.

In their home plane, shadow beasts happily served powerful warlords, such as cloakers, dread wraiths, nightshades, and those humanoids who settled there. They also came to the Material Plane to serve as mercenaries or soldiers for evil lords who hired them.[2]

The three breeds of shadow beast had an uneasy relationship with one another. Although they did not war against each other, they also would not fight together in the same troop. Nevertheless, they occasionally cooperated when on the Material Plane. Khumats were better able to cooperate with ghirrashs and with thaskors, than ghirrashs and thaskors would with each other.[2]

All of them spoke the Abyssal, Infernal, and Common languages.[2]

Notable Shadow BeastsEdit

By early Eleint of the Year of Lightning Storms, 1374 DR, a khumat and the ghirrash Jherremor were aiding the church of Shar at the Lost Refuge in the Vast Swamp in the Material Plane and at the Shadow Citadel in the Shadow Swamp in the Shadow Plane. They were presumed to have been slain when adventurers in service to Mystra assaulted these compounds.[3]



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