Shadow creatures were creatures with ties to the Plane of Shadow. This connection gave them some special abilities.[1]


As a general rule, shadow creatures were shadow versions of creatures that also existed on other planes, barring outsiders, constructs, elementals, and, despite being alive, oozes. Shadow creatures were generally more sinister than their non-shadow counterparts.[1]

Shadow TraitsEdit

All shadow creatures could move faster and had inborn abilities in stealth. They could both hide in shadow and had a penchant for moving silently. All shadow creatures were resistant to cold and had at least one magical ability. Stronger shadow creatures had a tendency to have more abilities, but no uniformity in these abilities was seen. The abilities were mostly of a protective nature. These included the ability to frighten, create illusions, travel to and from the Plane of Shadow, minor resistance against non-magical attacks, better reflexes, and healing capabilities or simply being lucky.[1]

Acquisition of Shadow TraitsEdit

There were two known ways to gain these traits, aside from being born with them. The first was to live on the Plane of Shadow for an extended period of time. In the case of drow, it took some decades but less than a century to acquire these traits.[2] Another way was through specific breeding. This was a mortally dangerous process. The key for success was thought to be a high tolerance for cold temperatures like that of white dragons. Othimturac was an example of this.[3]



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