A shadow demon was the essence of a demon imprisoned in the form of a shadow.[4]


Shadow demons resembled wraiths or shadows but were in fact entirely different creatures.[2][4] They were humanoid and had batlike wings.[3]


Shadow demons reveled in corrupting souls and capturing them to sell and trade.[3]


Shadow demons preferred to attack in ambushes. They were able to create an area of darkness around themselves that was impenetrable.[2] Although their bodies were incorporeal, their claws became corporeal upon touch and easily rent flesh.[3]


Shadow demons were damaged or made helpless by sunlight and bright magical light.[4] During any conditions other than full daylight, a shadow demon could disappear into the shadows. They could pass through solid objects at will, and their attacks passed through armor.[3] They moved silently at all times.[3]

Shadow demons were immune to fire, cold, electricity, poison, disease, sleep, paralysis, and stunning.[3]


Shadow demons served demon lords as spies, scouts, and assassins. They often worked alongside undead, shadar-kai and nightwalkers.[2] Shadow demons rarely had much contact with other demons.[3]


Shadow demons were found in the Abyss.[3] They abounded in the Darkflame neighborhood of Zelatar.[5]


In 14851486 DR, shadow demons were among the demons that walked the streets of Menzoberranzan and were later sent to aid in the (failed) defense of Q'Xorlarrin against the dwarves.[6]




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