Shadow mask was a shadow spell used by arcane spellcasters in the Realms. It was one of the spells commonly employed by Harper agents who could cast spells.[1]


The spell produced a mask of shadows, drawn from the Plane of Shadow,[2] to cover and obscure the caster's face so that he or she could not be recognized. The mask did not impede the caster's vision nor could it be physically removed. Even if it were dispelled or the spell ended, it took several seconds or more to fade out of existence, giving the caster time to find another means of protecting his or her face from recognition.[1][2]

In addition to assisting in the hiding of one's identity, the mask also protected from various other spell effects that involved light or darkness. It also offered some protection from gaze attacks.[1][2]

The mask lasted at least a half hour, but could last much longer if cast by a more powerful spellcaster.[1][2]


The spell required verbal and somatic components and a mask of black cloth, which was consumed in the casting.[1][2]


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