The Shadowkiss was a criminal organization that operated across the Dragon Sea. Their base of operations was the city of Lylorn, in the Dusk Ports of Laerakond.[1]


The Shadowkiss engaged in illegal activities such as drug and poisons selling across Laerakond.[1]


In 1482 DR, the Shadowkiss joined forces with the Scions of Amber and a group of adventurers, pirates and the citizens from Lylorn, and rebelled against the green dragon Orlarrakh. The rebellion was successful, and Orlarrakh and the red dragon known as the Maroon Prince were crippled and driven away—or maybe even killed—, and the city gained her independence. However, this act drew the wrath of the dreadful dracolich Melauthaur, and the future of Lylorn was uncertain.[2]

Notable membersEdit


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