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The Shadowtop Glade was a shrine to Eilistraee in the northern part of Velarswood, near Harrowdale.[1]


The shrine consisted of two series of caverns located on both sides of a steep-sided gully. It was named after a grove of shadowtop trees that surrounded the place.[1]


A group of about fifty followers of Eilistraeen, drow and other elves, dwelt in the shrine.[1]


The worshipers of Eilistraee of the Shadowtop Glade were creating a surface home there and had good relations with local humans, whom they aided when ill.[2][3]

Eilistraeen priestesses and moon-worshiping lycanthropes from the nearby Howling Hill joined together in sacred hunts to Eilistraee and Selûne when the moon was full.[1] They also often danced the personal and intimate evensong, in gratitude to their goddess.[4]


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