Shadrun of the Snows is a monastary at a hot spring near the borders of Erlkazar. The monastary was founded centuries ago by a holy man named Vashtun who built a small shrine. People would come to visit and leave offerings. Some visitors remained to meditate which is how the monastary was formed. When Vashtun died another monk took his name and assumed leadership of the monastary. By tradition, at the passing of each Vashtun, another monk assumes the title. The second in command of the monastary is known as Diamar.[1]

People who meditate at Shardun of the Snows often hear a strange voice at the back of their minds which is actually an imprisoned entity named Fandour who is attempting to make contact with the Prime Material Plane. The interior of the monastary is decorated with paintings and carvings of strange geometric symbols that Fandour subconsciously influenced the monks to create.[1]

Shadrun is protected by two devas, Lakini and Lusk.[1]


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