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Shajji Hoijarek was a barbarian chieftain in the Plain of Horses in 1357 DR.[1]


Hoijarek was a lama of the Tsu-tsu tribe at the temple of Jugicha until, at the age of 50, his brother the qaghan Shajji Ghoijh asked his help in administrating the city.

Hoijarek served as apa qaghan under his brother until a rebellion destroyed the corrupt Ghoiji administration. Later, Hoijarek ascended as the new qaghan, ruling well for the next 20 years, conquering the smaller neighboring tribes and opposing the Fankiang tribe and the rulers of Li-Raz as a means of uniting his people. However, during a raid, the Fankiang killed his wife and children. Hoijarek made a vow of vengeance but knew he had only a few years to see the fall of the Fankiang before his old body succumbed to age.[1]



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